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Kristin Rogers

As an artist, curator, and musician, his projects are driven by interdisciplinary intentions, and frequently involve multi-media approaches. Labor, sympathy for the proletariat mindset, and accessibility are common threads that imbue his diverse scope of art production. Although his content is, at times, compound and intricate, he avoids the clandestine headiness that too often characterizes conceptually complex work. Support material, engagement, conversation, and participation are as much the material of his undertakings as the physical resources used to fabricate a project.

With installation and performance work, Kristin has a particular interest in trompe l'oeil environments and narrative tableaus that coincide with office culture, industry, and occupational fixations. These efforts are beautifully transparent, and difficult to label as overt art productions. Logistic realism, gestures of service, and operational practicality are trademark characteristics that underscore the participatory and non-static nature of these life/art/work projects.

Sculpture, drawing/collage, videography, and music are additional interests that Kristin pursues with an intentional rejection to style and the stale trappings of signature uniformity. He much prefers routine through the practice of eclecticism and unpredictability. Where some projects come to concrete conclusions, others linger as ongoing accumulative matters. In his strategy there is almost a sense of clarity achieved through disorder where seemingly absurd non-sequiturs reveal themselves as candid critiques, characterizations, or presentational snap-shots on common social themes."

Kristin has exhibited at JayJay Gallery, Sacramento; DIRT Gallery, Kansas City; Miami International Art Fair, South Beach; MOCA Cleveland; and more.

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