Lauren Yeager



"Through my work I investigate my day-to-day, immediate environments places of common, shared experience. I am concerned with the collective source, those ubiquitous environments and the mass-produced components within them that everyone may encounter on a daily basis; for example, parking lots, air vents, and electrical conduits, which all look about the same wherever you go. These stimuli constitute much of the visual information we encounter on a daily basis.

"I am concerned with how the majority of this information becomes regarded as mundane and is pushed into the background of our attentions. I investigate the potential for excitement or even perceived magic to come from these places."

Lauren Yeager has shown around Cleveland at The Sculpture Center, Reinberger Gallery, The Cleveland Foundation, SLC Gallery and Cleveland Institute of Art. She holds a BFA in Sculpture from the Cleveland Institute of Art and has served as a Treehouse Instructor in Gankoyama Treehouse Village, Chiba, Japan.

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