Lyn Goeringer

Lansing, MI


Lyn Goeringer is an Intermedia artist and experimental musician/composer who creates site specific works that focus on the intersection of psychoacoustics, natural acoustic response in space, and how the human body listens and looks at things at a given space. As a very active composer, performer and artist, she has presented creative works in Seattle, Rhode Island, Ohio, New York, Boston, England, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

Goeringer studied music composition at the University of Rhode Island under Geoffrey Gibbs, Joe Parillo and Eliane Aberdam. From 2002-2005 she attended Bard College, where her works were guided by artists from many different disciplines. Due to the unusual structure at Bard, she was able to engage in regular studio visits from several different disciplines including film/video, writing, painting, sculpture and music/sound. It was during this time that she was able to begin seriously study electronics under the tutelage of Bob Beilecki. In May of 2011 she received her Ph. D. in Computer Music and Multimedia Composition at Brown University, where her research focused on public space, infrastructure and the Everyday. Her dissertation committee members included Todd Winkler, Butch Rovan, Ed Osborn, Paul Myoda, and Atau Tanaka.

While attending Bard College in New York, Goeringer lived part of the year in Seattle, WA where she engaged in the local improvisation and music composition scene. She composed many acoustic and electronic works during her time there, and laid the groundwork for her future collaborative projects with choreographer J

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