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Tessa LeBaron

My name is Tessa LeBaron, I'm a visual artist living in Cleveland, Ohio. My mind speaks on paper and I visually communicate with my ideas. I create all kinds of work such as portraits, animals, vibrant landscapes, visualizations of the subconscious mind, and emotional figures. Even though I like to focus internally, I am fascinated by everything that surrounds me.

I have created large scale artwork/murals for many local businesses all over northeast Ohio. The murals are a variety of commercial and expressive works. I have a studio loft at Negative Space gallery where I paint and display paintings. I also have a graphic design background.

I work with mostly acrylic and watercolor. There is a certain flow and washy effect in my work with vibrant colors and energy. Sometimes my work is interspersed with paint everywhere, yet illustrative and detailed.



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