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Vivica Satterwhite


Vivica Satterwhite is a 25 year old photographer, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She was introduced to photography at a young age because of her grandmother, who would capture all the families memories. At the age of 13, Vivica got gifted her first camera. she would take photos of nature, friends at school, and people/things around the neighborhood. Her eye continued to grow more as she got older was able to travel and explore more. In her spare time, she would drive around with her camera and would see great things to take photos of such as bystanders, graffiti, vintage cars, bikers and more. As time progressed, she began to learn more about different styles of photography, film photography is her favorite. In the 2020 pandemic, Vivica taught her self how to develop film and learned about different mediums of film. Today, Vivica continues to live on the legacy of her grandmother creating vintage photographs and great memories behind them.



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