SPACES Gallery Closed May 11 - June 14 New Exhibitions Open June 14.

April 22, 20226:00pm - 9:00pm

Opening Reception

Part of Artist-in-Residence

Opening Reception
Opening Reception

Join us Friday, April 22, from 6pm - 9pm for the opening reception of two new exhibitions from our Artist-in-Residence program:

In the Front Gallery: To The People of That Future We Leave That Legacy, by Hương Ngô (Chicago, IL) and Hong-An Trương (Durham, NC).

Pivoting around the restaging of two historical events – the 1947 UN debates over Resolution 181 which partitioned Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state; and scenes from a fictional film, The Middleton Family, made for the 1939 World’s Fair – this project excavates the seeds of destructive forces of Western diplomacy based on the twin powers of colonialism and capitalism. Examining this fraught moment in time, where the politics of democracy and the concept of the “common good” became bound up with the language and violent imperatives of capitalism and colonialism, this project imagines the past as our dystopic, violent present.

In the Gund Gallery: Hydra by Kara Güt (Cleveland, OH).

This exhibition is, at first glance, an IRL reimagining of the video game boss-battle. At the center of the room sits a large multifaceted armature, a display for screens and sculptures on its various plinth-like arms. Through the use of VR chat models, augmented game footage and appropriated imagery, Hydra explores the hyperspecialization of identity through infinite iterations of the self that now exist for inhabitance online, as well as our proximity to parasocial relationships.

Guests are required to wear masks and maintain social distance from staff and others as much as possible.

For more information, visit the exhibition pages, call 216.621.2314, or email

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