Cassie Harner


Cassandra Harner is, to start out vague, a multimedia artist. She is also a tangle of contradictions, both extremely self-assured, and boundlessly lost. An artist must write her own bio in the third person, and Cassandra is already familiar with thinking of herself in this way, performing as personas and alter-egos in music, drag, and comedy. On the extroverted end, she is playing ukulele, the drums, singing and writing songs for bands such as Girl Tho, Dad Jokes, Secret Friends, and Ukulele Gaga. She makes music videos and commercials for local bands. She is a hyperfemme drag queen called Dusty Bucket, and a self-aware, self-absorbed piece of work, Kay-T Critiques.

While alone, she falls back onto her childhood passion of creating comics, telling the stories of her journaling, her friends, the fantasy backstories of rock bands like Butthole and Time Cat. She draws pastel portraits of her hairy queer friends, and tells the story of her relationship to her own armpit hair through comics and prose. She is a printmaker, screenprinting apparel and building brands and marketing merchandise. She’s an “artrepreneur” and a schmoozer at parties, but genuinely liked talking to you last week and wants to know how you’re doing. She’s eager to do your emotional labor, and her mom says she’d make a great therapist. Her exes, however, do not agree. They are still friends with her, which may be a distinctly lesbian characteristic, but also should mean she is a good, kind, mature person.

Through the conglomerate of Cassandra’s artistic practice, nothing is as fulfilling than when her work makes people laugh. Art shouldn’t have to be viewed by gravely nodding from a safe distance, Do Not Touch, observing somebody’s cathartic depiction of their personal suffering, or some relevant global tragedy. But, she takes art very seriously, and has no greater priorities, noted by her lack of savings and access to Food Stamps. It may be true that she doesn’t make art about suffering because she has never truly suffered, but she makes up for this deep lack of human experience for jokes, wig reveals, and not wearing a bra ever.

Her goals as an artist include finally getting into stand up comedy, or stripping, and she’s not sure which would embarrass her mother more. She is pretty punk rock, even though it’s not punk rock to call yourself punk rock, but she can provide references.

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