Cassie Harner


Cassandra Harner is already familiar with thinking of herself in the third person, performing as alter-egos in music, drag, and comedy. She is a draglesque performer named Dusty Bucket, and a self-absorbed piece of art-work, Kay-T Critiques. She's most recently been awarded Master of Amazement for Ohio Burlypicks 2020. She is a video artist and editor. She's an illustrator and instructor of comics and pastel portraits. She’s eager to do your emotional labor for some reason. She's queer and kind of swears a lot.

In the pastiche of Cassandra’s artistic practice, nothing is as fulfilling as when her work makes people laugh. Art isn't limited to being gravely nodded at, in quiet contemplation from a safe distance. (Although nowadays, everything should be a safe 6 feet away) Being "serious" isn't the only way to make thoughtful and legitimate work, even when it's about body positivity, queer identity, pop culture, or capitalism. Or maybe, since she hasn't suffered as much as society expects from an artist, she has to make up for it in wig reveals.

Follow her @charnerart on Instagram. For drag content, follow @dvstybvcket and her project @dragnewsohio to find the next show. Follow @ickyfierce if you need a cool new mask.

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