Lena Atomika

My life was profoundly affected by a Near-Death-Experience in 2010, when a Redwood tree crashed through a cabin roof, pinning me beneath it and the debris. This life-altering experience inspired me to step fully into my potential and empowered me beyond words. My focus is "Human Resilience", and my intent is to inspire others who may be facing a challenge and/or struggle themselves. I am a multi-disciplined creative...photographer/actor/writer/dancer, with BA in Interior Design (Kent State), who is inspired by life and being "in the moment". I take joy in creating images that are unique…taking natural & structured images, and giving them an abstract twist. I am inspired by human interaction with nature and our surroundings. There is much beauty to be found... Exhibitions: LA, CA; NYC, NY; Cleveland, OH; Paris, France Publication: The Exposure Award - The Nature Collection Award: Paparazzi for Good Campaign


Lena -Atomika

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