April 19, 2022


This Friday SPACES opens two new exhibitions featuring local and national artists. Hương Ngô (Chicago, IL) and Hong-An Trương (Durham, NC) will debut To The People of That Future We Leave That Legacy in the Front Gallery; while Kara Güt (Cleveland, OH) will debut Hydra in the Gund Gallery.

Artists Hương Ngô and Hong-An Trương last presented their collaborative work The Opposite of Looking is Not Invisibility. The Opposite of Yellow is Not Gold at SPACES in 2016. Their joint practice is revisited here for To The People of That Future We Leave That Legacy, a multimedia exploration of the 1947 U.N. debates surrounding Resolution 181, which partitioned Palestine into an Arab and a Jewish state. Anchoring the installation is The Book of the Record of the Time Capsule of Cupaloy Made to Withstand the Effects of Time, a film that re-stages the 1947 UN debates and scenes from a fictional film made for the 1939 World's Fair. The work acts as an excavation of this historical site, exploring the concept of ruins as a relevant allegory for understanding today's present around questions of capitalism, colonialism, diplomacy, and technology. Ngô and Trương’s work will be complemented by a workshop and panel discussion inviting Palestinians in the surrounding communities to share their stories and document their narratives.

In the Gund Gallery artist Kara Güt’s Hydra explores human intimacy across digital platforms. A brilliant blue spine
undulates in and out of the gallery floor. Within three monitors Güt reimagines a virtual boss fight, a final videogame battle for ultimate victory. Weaving in and out of real life, the boss fight appropriates VR chat models, augmented game footage and virtual world imagery to examine myriad identities crafted through online portals. Exalting contemporary parasocial relationships, and mimicking infinite realities, Hydra examines internet lifestyles, constructed detachment from reality, and the power dynamics of the virtual.

An opening reception will be held on Friday, April 22nd from 6-9PM. Light refreshments will be served, but we continue to ask guests to wear masks and social distance when not eating or drinking. SPACES is located at 2900 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, OH. Gallery Hours are 12PM-5PM Wednesday-Saturday. Guests are required to wear masks and maintain social distance from staff and others as much as possible. For more information, visit www.SPACEScle.org, call 216.621.2314, or email contact@SPACEScle.org.

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