June 25, 2019


By Christina Vassallo, Executive Director

(Cleveland, OH) – SPACES, one of the longest running alternative art spaces in the country, will commission the following local, national, and international artists to create new work to debut in Cleveland next year. The selected projects were largely influenced by the turbulent patterns of current social, political, and natural events.

In response to feedback gained during our 2018 strategic planning process, we have redesigned our exhibition model to focus on residencies as a key component of our work. The following artists will participate in residencies that last between two to eight weeks, during which they will draw on the resources of Northeast Ohio to finish developing projects that address complex issues, promote dialogue, and challenge perceptions of the world around us.

On view January 17 - March 13, 2020
Jessica Segall (Brooklyn, NY) will present 100 Years, All New People—an installation comprised of possessions collected from northern and southern U.S. borders where asylum seekers have circumvented immigration control. This project is in direct dialogue with the shifting immigration policies of the current presidential administration.

Using the failure of familiar objects, Kat Burdine (Cleveland, OH) examines the construction of non-normative identities within normative social spaces. During her SPACES residency, Burdine will investigate the branding of queer life and denying of queer narratives in this era of inclusivity, by reproducing queer artifacts and other communally-defined signifiers, and creating flags to be displayed inside and outside the gallery.

On view April 3 - May 29, 2020
Veronique d’Entremont (Los Angeles, CA) is an interdisciplinary artist invested in collaborative practice and community organizing. During her residency, d’Entremont plans to collect stories from Clevelanders and create new listening opportunities as a form of vulnerable exchange.

Multimedia artist Katarina Jerinic (Brooklyn, NY) makes photographs, maps, and ephemera that respond to built landscapes, encouraging unfamiliar explorations of everyday surroundings. During her residency at SPACES, Jerinic will produce an exhibition that explores Cleveland as the site of a receding glacier and its position within global climate change.

On view June 12 - August 7, 2020
Research-based artist Haseeb Ahmed (Brussels, Belgium) produces objects, site-specific installations, films, and writings for various publications, often working collaboratively to integrate methodologies from the hard sciences into his art production. During his residency, Ahmed will realize a scale wind tunnel model of the city of Cleveland, mediating a range of social and natural interactions.

Jeff Thompson (Jersey City, NJ) is an artist, programmer, and educator. Through code, sculpture, sound, and performance, Thompson visualizes otherwise invisible technological processes. While at SPACES, he will create a series of projects that poetically and critically engage the idea of how the world is represented through datasets. This project draws from his understanding of datasets as a messy indicator of the highly abstract systems increasingly driving our society. Datasets affect everything from identifying objects in photographs to suggesting whether or not a judge should grant parole.

On view August 21 - October 9, 2020
Performance artist and poet Holly Bass (Washington, D.C.) uses her practice to explore the artist’s relationship with the viewer and the institution, and to advocate for equity and inclusion. Bass’ residency at SPACES will explore themes of time travel, healing, and black liberation, asking viewers to consider their own freedom and the circumstances that threaten it.

Alternative art spaces are where new discoveries can emerge, and as such, we will present a major group exhibition during our fall season that will respond to a current issue of local and international significance. We are a nimble organization that can address any prevalent topic, but we suspect the curatorial context of this exhibition will revolve around the U.S. Presidential election. Upcoming and recent issue-driven exhibitions at SPACES include America’s Well-Armed Militias (2019), a group exhibition that examines the intertwined histories of American culture, social movements, and gun use; A Color Removed (2018) about the fatal shooting of Tamir Rice by Cleveland police; and The First 100+ Days (2017), comprised of artists’ responses to the Trump administration’s shifting immigration policy.

Summer 2020
One additional 4-week residency each year is dedicated to a visiting art writer with an established publishing platform. Since its inception in 2015, SPACES’ dedicated art writer residency has exponentially increased critical dialogue around visual art in Cleveland, resulting in reviews of Cleveland-area artists’ work that have appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, Hyperallergic, SFMOMA’s Open Space, and Pacific Standard.

As SPACES’ 2020 Art Writer-in-Residence, Scottish art critic Darren Jones (New York, NY & Key West, FL) will endeavor to understand Cleveland’s art scene, with the and aim of contributing to a more democratized national discourse, inclusive of artistic production and critical dissemination from across the United States. Jones writes reviews, and essays about the art world’s hierarchies, structures, and failings. His texts have been published in Artforum, ArtUS, Artsy, Artslant, and New Art Examiner. His book, The Contemporary Art Gallery: Display Power and Privilege, written with David Carrier, was published in 2016. In 2018 Jones received a Creative Capital / Andy Warhol Foundation Art Writers Grant.

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