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SPACES Creative Engagement complements our residency and  exhibitions programming with events, activities, and prompts inspired by our artists and their newly commissioned projtects. 

During this temporary closure, you can enjoy these offerings on our website and through social media. Follow #EngagingSPACES to get all the goodies! 

REMEMBERING PAUL CATANESE's 2019 Summer Residency and newly commisioned project: 

Century of Progress / Sleep

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How much fog is enough? 

Long before arriving to SPACES, Paul knew there would be fog. And, we knew it too. But, that's what makes SPACES great! Have a big idea? We want to be the organization that says, "yes!"

Ok, but what happens when SPACES wants to say yes and the fire marshall says no? 

That's right. We almost had our dreams squashed when (after many phone calls and planning meetings) we finally had our fog-fire walk through. The answer was no. SPACES would not be approved to shut off the detection thingies that keep everyone safe in times of emergency. Don't get us wrong. It was a fun walk-through, complete with more information than one human could ever need on things like, say, how much fire could cause those alarms (actuators?) to melt and other tidbids to tuck you in at night. 

Ok, fine. We needed to regroup. 

Maybe - there was fog that wouldn't set off alarms? That's right folks, there is a quick dissipating fog. The machine spits it out into the air and within a few minutes the stuff has mostly disappeared through the cracks of the building like a tax return come bill time. 

Sure engough, that's what we used. And, Paul timed the length and frequency of the bursts to the perfect goldilocks setting whereby the parabala of enjoyment and allowment converged. 

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The art may start at SPACES, but it doesn't stop there. We offer arts programming at sites throughout the greater Cleveland area, including collaborative projects with:

2100 Lakeside (Men's Shelter)

A Place for Us

Malachi Center

Lakeview Terrace (Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority)

YWCA of Greater Cleveland

Haven Home

Applewood Center at Jones Home

Other events include: 

  • Artist projects presented through the Urgent Art Fund supported by Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and through the Satellite Fund supported by the The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.  
  • Panels, talks, screenings, workshops, and other adventures with our artists-in-residence. 
  • Community gatherings in our Mistake Lab. 
  • Group tours of other Cleveland art attractions.
  • Professional development workshops on and off-site. 
  • Networking events on and off-site for artists, emerging artists, and art lovers.

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